GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) – You probably noticed a big jump in gasoline prices in the past week. You should feel alone.

North Carolina is one of two states that saw big leaps in the past week, GasBuddy reported Monday, with the price for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline in Greensboro rising by 13.3 cents in the past week, one of the biggest increases this year.

That made the average price $3.32 as of Monday morning, which was 15.9 cents higher than a month ago. Statewide the average was a couple of ticks lower, at $3.30.

The overriding good news, though, is that the price is 65.6 cents lower than on the same date in 2022.

AAA has slightly worse news statewide, showing the average price to be $3.313 (10.2 cents more than last week). In Greensboro, though, the news was better, at $3.304, up by 11.5 cents from last week but down 68.1 cents in the past year.

NC an outlier

GasBuddy said that the national average price of gasoline has continued to fall, down about .3 cents per gallon in the past week, to $3.40, which is 7.8 cents better than a month ago and 83 cents better than a year ago. AAA showed that rate to be $3.439, down about .4 in the week but 80.5 cents from a year ago.

GasBuddy analyst Patrick De Haan.

Let’s let Patrick DeHaan, GasBuddy’s national petroleum analyst, put this in perspective.

“The national average price of gasoline has seen little overall change over the last week, with big decreases in states like Colorado and Ohio offset by large increases in Arizona and North Carolina,” DeHaan said in his weekly analysis. “While more states saw declines than increases, any downward trends are still likely to be temporary and not necessarily long-lasting.”

There are some deals to be found out there. GasBuddy said the cheapest gallon in the state was $2.89, which you could find at the In-n-Out Mart in Thomasville or the Harris Teeter in Warshaw.

In the Greensboro area, the cheapest gallons were $3.05 at the Pantry Shop in High Point and $3.06 at the R.K. Food Mart on Ayersville Road in Madison. Several locations showed $3.07.

By comparison, Winston-Salem’s average price was $3.31, up 12.2 cents, and Durham’s was $3.35, up by 5.4 cents.

DeHaan said refinery issues and seasonal price adjustments will affect the pumps for now.

“While Colorado’s refinery issues are largely moving into the rearview mirror, challenges making the transition to summer gasoline in Arizona are leading to tight supply and accelerating prices,” he said. “Motorists in some areas may be on the receiving end of good news, while others may not as we hit the second half of refinery maintenance season. You never know what the closing moments will look like, and motorists could be in for a dramatic ride if issues develop.”

Historical trends

GasBuddy’s historical average gasoline prices for March 27 in Greensboro and the national average going back a decade:

                    GSO           U.S.

2023          $3.32        $3.40

2022          $3.98        $4.23

2021:        $2.54        $2.85

2020:        $1.76        $1.99

2019:        $2.49        $2.69

2018:        $2.52        $2.63

2017:        $2.18        $2.28

2016:        $1.96        $2.04

2015:        $2.29        $2.43

2014:        $3.42        $3.53

2013:        $3.61        $3.65