RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — The Raleigh Fire Department has told CBS 17 what caused the fuel spill Saturday morning at the North Ridge Country Club golf course.

(Al Currie/CBS 17)

A few minutes after 8 a.m. on Saturday, crews said they were called to part of the golf course, where they said part of the spill ended up in a retention pond.

They said it was a large hazmat response, and crews initially requested a boat but did not have to use it.

This happened in the area of Hunting Ridge Road and Tanbark Way, according to a CBS 17 crew at the scene.

They said it smelled like gas.

This location was along the route for Ella’s Race, an annual event honoring a Raleigh girl who died from a rare, non-operable cancer in 2012.

The 10K/5K/1 mile run started at 8 a.m. Saturday to support the search for a cure for pediatric brain tumors.

Race organizers told CBS 17 they did not know what the hazmat crews were responding to at the time.

The race continued as normal. However, runners were moved to the other side of the road as a safety measure.

As of 10:30 a.m., officials said the spill was contained and a clean-up contractor was on the way.

The golf course remained open during the response, according to officials.

What caused the fuel spill?

According to the Raleigh Fire Department, the fuel spill was connected to a tractor-trailer fire that happened Friday about one block away.

Officials said the truck was completely destroyed, and a small amount of engine fluids remained in stormwater, which ran off to the golf course.

They said the fluids were likely a mix of motor oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid and more.

The truck’s fuel tanks were not compromised in the fire, so they were not part of the spill, according to fire officials.

They did not have any more details about the tractor-trailer fire.

(Al Currie/CBS 17)

CBS 17 has reached out to the police for more information.

CBS 17 was told that crews will continue to monitor the area of the fuel spill over the next couple of days.