UNION COUNTY, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – It’s not your typical crime story.

The Union County Sheriff’s Office is asking for your help naming their newest employee, an 11-week-old German Shepherd, ‘Puppy Doe.’

‘Puppy Doe’ technically isn’t his name; it’s just temporary.

After considerable time and effort, the Sheriff’s Office determined they couldn’t churn out the best name for their newest fellow.

To recommend a name, submit your best one in the comments section on the Union County Sheriff’s Office’s Facebook page.

While thinking of a name, officials ask to please consider the puppy:

  • Likes long walks in the park
  • Enjoys rolling around in the grass while being told not to
  • Prone to public displays of affection (known to lick people without asking or
    providing prior notice)
  • Enjoys tearing up a new tennis ball from time to time (only when the mood is right)
  • Prefers his toys to be thrown overhand, not underhand (Your guess is as good as ours
    on this one)
  • Hails from a family of service dogs (mother was an explosives detection K-9)

P.S. “Sir Sitsalot” and “Fluffy” have already been ruled out.