GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) – A woman’s sense of safety was destroyed when a peaceful afternoon stroll through a popular Greensboro park took a scary and disturbing turn. 

A man reportedly exposed himself to her and now Greensboro Police are trying to find him before he does it again. 

It happened in Price Park, off New Garden Road in the northwest part of the city around 4:30 p.m. Saturday. 

The victim asked FOX8 not to reveal her identity. She wants people to be on the lookout if they plan to visit the park.  

“I’m annoyed, I’m angry and I hope the police take it seriously,” she said. 

The victim told FOX8 she passed the man while walking her dog. She said he stopped and asked to pet her dog. The pleasant exchange took a turn moments after they went in different directions.  

“I realized he was behind me, not real sure how he got there, wasn’t really paying much attention, made me nervous,” she said. 

She watched as he followed a few feet behind. 

The victim told FOX8 the man was shirtless and had tattoos on his chest and arms. She said he was wearing athletic shorts, sandals with socks on, and had on gold-rimmed glasses.  

“Turned to look to see where he was, and he was right there, exposed, and active,” she said.

That’s when she ran from the offender.  

“I picked the dog up and he said could you just watch me for a few minutes, and I left very quickly,” she said. “I was somewhat fearful just because I don’t know who this fool is, but mostly as I got further away I was mad, I was angry.”

Google Maps view of Price Park

She’s worried it could happen again on a trail used by visitors of the Kathleen Clay Edwards Library and students at Jefferson Elementary School. 

“The school is right there,” she said. “It touches all of this, physically touches the paths back there.”

She is hopeful the offender will be caught, and her sense of safety restored.  

“Somebody who does that sort of a thing has no concern over people’s reaction, he’s interested in his needs, whatever those may be,” she said. “He needs to be taken and placed somewhere where he can’t continue to do that because if nothing else it’s gross and disgusting.” 

The victim told FOX8 she’s never seen the person on the trails before. She said she’s not going to let the incident stop her from walking the trail.

Greensboro Police are investigating the matter.