GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — People living in one Greensboro neighborhood keep calling police about a man they say is trying to get inside their houses while they are home.

It’s happened along Matt Place just off Mizell Road.

“I’m past terrified. I’m angry. I want it to stop,” Rhonda Malotte said.

Malotte has lived in a house on the street for the past four years.

She noticed something was wrong last Wednesday when her daughter asked her why a chair from their front porch was in the middle of the yard.

When Rhonda went out to look at the chair, it was back in its original spot.

Then, as her daughter went to leave for work, she saw someone running away.

“We called the police, and they were here within three to five minutes. They responded quickly,” Malotte said. “They did a walk-through and walked around and couldn’t find anything.”

Malotte believes the person dragged the chair over to the side of her home that doesn’t have lights and positioned themselves under a window.

After the encounter, Malotte decided to install security cameras.

On Friday morning, her app notified her there was movement outside on her front porch.

“My daughter saw it, and she’s panicking. We go to the front door, flip on the light, get the front door open, and they take off running,” Malotte said. “We didn’t see a face, so we couldn’t identify them.”

On Tuesday morning, it happened again. Around 4 a.m., they caught the same person on camera trying to walk up the stairs.

The person was wearing a hood and a ski mask, so only their eyes were visible.

“This is someone who is knowingly coming into a house that is occupied where they know the people are awake, and that’s scary,” Malotte said.

When she reached out to neighbors, four different people told her they had similar experiences.

One person noticed the screen on a window was slashed.

Another person said they watched a hand try to pull a window A/C unit and the material around it free.

One person on Windy Road, just a street over, called 911 the day RMalotte’s problems started and told dispatchers someone was yanking and banging on their window while wearing a ski mask.

“I have a granddaughter and a daughter who live with me. They’re terrified,” Malotte said.

Officers have told her there isn’t much they can do at the moment.

She worries about what may happen if the person gets inside a home.

“He may frighten them. He may hurt them. There’s no way of knowing, but I don’t want him in my house,” Malotte said.