GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — Ahead of a controversial speaker, UNCG has reiterated its policy on free speech.

The tweet reads in part: “We are providing this reminder of our policy on free speech and civil discourse, along with a list of campus resources.”

It includes a link to a full statement on the UNCG website.

“We support free speech and social discourse and have an expectation that all will do so with civility and respect for others. We believe there is no better place than a college campus for thought-provoking discussions. As a public university, we cannot regulate free expression on the basis of content, whether we agree or disagree.”

This comes five days before controversial conservative personality Ben Shapiro’s speaking engagement on campus on April 11.

Shapiro was booked to speak by the UNCG branch of the Young Americans Foundation, a conservative campus group.

YAF tweeted about the speaking engagement on Mar. 28, claiming “UNCG leftists” tried to have YAF kicked off of Instagram for posting a Shapiro quote. The Twitter account for the UNCG branch of the YAF has tweeted video of a person tearing up their flyers.

While the topic of the talk is not specified on the event page, the UNCG YAF Twitter has tweeted graphics of Shapiro with anti-trans quotes on them recently.