GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — A former Page High School student is stuck in Poland after escaping the war zone in western Ukraine.

“Sent me a video from her balcony and they could see shells in the distance,” said Billy White, step-father on 18-year-old Sophia Bashniak.

Sophia lived in Greensboro for two years and was in town this past summer. She spent 10 days with her step-dad in July before returning to her grandparents in Ukraine.

The entire time, White kept a close eye on the rising tensions overseas.

“About a month before the invasion I was having communications with her and I was like, ‘I think you need to get out of there,'” White said.

Then, on Feb. 24, Russia invaded Ukraine.

It took Sophia and her grandmother three days to get into Poland. 18 hours of the journey was spent going 300 miles to the border because of traffic and security stops.

“I was extremely relieved that she was able we were able to get her to the hotel and give her a real bed,” White said.

The next step will be to get the two of them back to Greensboro. Sophia and her grandmother have an appointment at the embassy on April 19 to get a visa for the grandmother.

White says he hopes to have a “nice homecoming” at Piedmont Triad International Airport when they arrive.

Once back in the United States, Sophia plans to enroll as a senior at Page High School or in a community college.