GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — Picking fresh strawberries is a tradition for some families. It’s a way to bond, enjoy the weather and support local farms.

There are challenges these growers are facing this year. They have plenty of ripe strawberries, but when you come to one of these farms, you will notice a price change.

Patty Herbin is a long-time customer of Rudd Farm. She came through the drive-thru for opening day on Friday.

“Their produce is just amazing,” Herbin said. “Their strawberries are the best.”

To get the best, you have to pay. Farmer Matt Rudd explained to FOX8 the difficulties they’re facing this season.

“All of our input costs went way up probably 20, 30 percent,” Rudd said. “Most things have gone up, so we have to in turn go up on our strawberries.”

Each bucket now costs $18. That’s up 2 percent from last year.

The farm is also restricting picking to keep customers and employees healthy so it can stay in business.

Ingram Farm in High Point needs workers to help it through the rush. Rhonda Ingram is hiring five strawberry pickers and two store employees ahead of her opening in early May.

“You do whatever you have to do to get the crop out of the field and to the consumer,” Ingram said. “It just means we get to do a few more things, and we’re just a little more tired.”

Bernie’s Berries in Greensboro has plenty of employees. The owners just have to pay them more. That cost is being passed along to consumers.

“Labor went up a dollar an hour this year,” said James Kenan, who co-owns the farm with his wife. “We had to increase prices simply because of that. Otherwise, we couldn’t stay in business.”

These families hope the price doesn’t sour your taste to support local farms.

“You talk about a perfect Easter gift,” Herbin said. “Here we have 70-plus degree weather and fresh strawberries first of the season.”

Farmers guarantee their crop tastes better than what you’ll buy in your local grocery store.

Rudd Farm is open on a limited schedule right now.

The owners are hopeful they can open daily next week. Bernie’s Berries plans to open next weekend.