GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — The owner of Southside Johnny’s in Greensboro has voluntarily closed his business following a visit to the gentleman’s club from a safety review board.

Officials said a safety review plan was needed after a shooting inside the club last Sunday.

The owner reportedly spoke with officials about safety concerns and was open with information about the shooting, which ended with one person dead and six others hurt.

During a visit on Thursday, city code enforcement officials and the fire department inspected the club and found some minor violations.

Many of those violations were noted in an October inspection and were never corrected. A hearing is set for Feb. 23 unless the violations are corrected before then.

When city leaders initiated this effort, our primary goal was safety and remains to be so. We never seek to close a business, but out emphasis must be on safe operations,” said Nathaniel Davis, assistant city manager with the Public Safety Office of the City Manager of the City of Greensboro.