GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — City of Greensboro officials deemed a business on Spring Garden Street unsafe following an inspection by the Safety Review Board. 

The board, comprised of officials from several departments, inspected after a shooting that injured two people outside Arabian Nights Hookah Lounge early Saturday morning. 

According to the city fire marshal, the owner built walls, booths and a stage without proper permits. 

The building had opened as a hookah lounge and store, but city officials report it was operating as an adult entertainment business. 

The board inspects businesses serving or allowing alcohol after an act of violence in Greensboro.  

“At this location, we did discover a number of violations, which led to an immediate closure of the business,” said Assistant City Manager Nathaniel Davis. 

Photos taken by code inspectors show loose wires inside, toilets that don’t work and an unsanitary area for hookah cleaning. 

“As always, it is not the goal of the safety plan to keep the business closed, but to work with them in the safety plan has been key to us because it has allowed us an opportunity to discover whether issues that are unsafe for people who are patronizing these businesses as well as our residents,” Davis explained. 

The team has visited eight businesses since late October. 

“It is reactionary but we are complaint-driven,” Davis said. “We’re utilizing our components that we have in the city, so if there are different violations that are occurring that code enforcement should engage or our building inspector or a fire marshal‘s office then they’ll do that.” 

The owner of Arabian Nights told Greensboro police he has contracted security to provide two armed security guards to serve on the exterior of the business and the parking lot. 

Officials plan to hold an administrative hearing on June 14 at 9 a.m. to discuss deficiencies with the owner. An order to repair or demolish could be issued if all repairs are not made.  

FOX8 spoke with the owner’s son, who said his father is fully cooperating with the city and plans to make all corrections needed.