GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — A Greensboro woman found shards of glass, pieces of a door and clothing scattered around her Westerwood home after an early morning burglary Thursday.

The homeowner didn’t want to be identified but agreed to tell FOX8 what happened.

The home next to hers on Adams Street was also broken into. The home is vacant. The woman involved believes when burglars didn’t find anything at the first home, they turned their eyes to her house.

She knew something was going on at her house Thursday morning when she got a call about her dog walking near Grimsley High School.

It happened less than an hour after she left for work for the day, and she tells FOX8 it felt like someone was casing her and knew her schedule.

She asked a friend to check on her house.

“He called me and said ‘you had a break-in, and it’s pretty bad,’ and I was shocked…and worried about my other dog…I rushed home in tears,” she said.

Her friend called 911. When she got back home, she was shocked.

She thinks the money she left on the counter for her housekeeper was enough incentive for them to force their way inside.

“They rifled through my bedroom dresser, all of my side tables, a roll-top desk and then the closets,” she said.

A friend who’s a police officer told her the people who broke in were looking for something specific.

“By the way the drawers looked, with the shirts kind of pushed away from the edges, they were looking for guns because that’s where people keep guns often in the side of a drawer,” she said.

The burglars got cash and jewelry but none of her true valuables.

What upset her most was a shattered vase in the kitchen with drops of her dog’s blood.

“I’m pretty certain he probably threw the vase at her, and it shattered and cut her leg, and it went all over the floor. She was circling the island in the kitchen because there’s drops all around it,” she said.

The burglars tried to get in through two different back doors. The first one wouldn’t budge. They kicked the second door near the deadbolt, and the wood splintered, busting the lock.

“Anything can happen anywhere. It’s not about how nice your neighborhood is or not. I think this is all the escalation of crime we’ve seen since COVID, and people are taking opportunities anywhere they can get them,” she said.

The woman doesn’t have a clear description of what the person or people who did this look like.

A few neighbors told her they saw some suspicious things but weren’t able to catch anything on camera.

She tells FOX8 she’s going to get security cameras so she can keep an eye on her house at all times and is encouraging her neighbors to do the same.