GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. (WGHP) — The latest shooting in Buffalo, New York, may have people wondering what to do if they are in the situation of an active shooter.

Guilford County Sheriff’s Office offers in-depth training to places of worship and businesses, both small and large, on what to do when faced with a scary situation.

“We provide them with Run, Hide and Fight training, which is very essential anyone can learn,” said Guilford County Deputy Chief Vic Maynard.

Maynard said surviving a mass shooting depends on being mentally prepared and following three rules —running, hiding, and fighting. 

Run in the opposite direction if you see the shooter or hear the gunshots. Hide in a dark place and stay quiet behind large objects. Make sure your phone is on silent and not on vibrate. 

When all else fails, grab large objects and fight if your life depends on it.

“Those three principles apply to anywhere they are at no matter if they are in a neighborhood at a cookout and have, the active shooter incident outside, in school, church, or overseas in Hawaii on vacation those same three principles are going to apply,” said Maynard.

Deputy Chief Vic Maynard said the training started in 2017 and is free to places of worship and businesses by calling the Guilford County Community Resource Unit at (336) 641-3356.