GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — Greensboro bicyclists rode silently for an hour on Wednesday in a memorial for those lost or injured while cycling on public roads.  

Organizers dedicated the ride of silence to Angela Evans, who was killed in 2021 in a crash on English Road and Apache Road.  

“We’re not complaining about the painted lines. That’s for sure. It’s a big improvement from the way it used to be,” said Nichol Lindahl, organizer at Bicycling Greensboro.  

Lindahl has been hit by cars herself multiple times. 

 “Six times. Two were pretty serious. I do have new front teeth,” Lindahl said.

One of the riders narrowly avoided his own crash earlier in the day. 

 “I was in the bike line coming towards downtown, and a car pulled out form a side street in front of me,” said JD Donaldson, an experienced cyclist.  

Incidents like those lead cyclists to advocate for more biking infrastructure. 

The Greensboro Department of Transportation just added these bike lanes on Holden Road between Patterson Street and Gate City Boulevard.

More are coming, including bike lanes on North Elm Street between Fisher Avenue and Northwood Street as well as on Willow Road between Gate City Boulevard to Interstate 40. 

“A white line is not going to protect you from car drivers that are not paying attention,” said Sheldon Herman, a bicycling advocate.  

Cyclists rode by the site of where Evans lost her life, breaking the silent ride with little bells of remembrance for her life. 

There’s an all-white bike there. It’s a “ghost bike” that serves as a reminder and a tribute.  

 “It’s sad…that symbolizes a life that was taken too soon,” Lindahl said.

Cyclists say they want physical barriers to protect bike lanes from motorists. The Greensboro Police Department also rode along with the riders, and the event was sponsored by the city.