GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — Animal Shelters across the state of North Carolina are already overcrowded. But the Forsyth Humane Society is bringing in dozens of new adoptable dogs by plane. Workers there say those dogs will help get more dogs that are already here adopted.

The plane full of dogs from Missouri landed at the airport on Tuesday. About 30 of the dogs are now on their way to Forsyth County.

These dogs aren’t the typical dogs you see in animal shelters, and the CEO of Forsyth Humane Society says that is what will drive in new adopters to help them empty the shelter.

“It will drive different foot traffic into your facility, and that is critical,” said Mark Neff, the Forsyth Humane Society CEO.

With this new group of dogs, Neff expects foot traffic to increase by about 50 percent this week.

“Anytime that they can be seen, it is that love at first sight we talk about it all the time. You walk in, and you see that animal. It makes a connection. It may not be one of these dogs coming in on the transport but one that was here that finally got seen by the right person,” Neff said.

Now through May 15, they have a goal to empty the shelter and teamed up with the Bissell Pet Foundation to offer an adoption rate of $50.

“To be able to give these animals that second chance at their first life is an incredible feeling.,” Neff said.

The shelter had about 90 dogs and just added about 30 more. However, they are confident they can adopt out all 120 thanks to the newest arrivals.

“We have Pomeranians. Cocker spaniels. We have doodles. We have some Frenchies. We have some really beautiful dogs that are going to get people excited,” said Kim Alboum, the shelter outreach for the Bissell Pet Foundation.

Alboum says most of these dogs have spent their entire life in cages and have not had much human interaction after being rescued from breeding facilities in Missouri. 

“These dogs range in age from puppy to adult. Unfortunately, many of them have been bred over and over, and now they are unwanted but certainly not unwanted here,” Alboum said.

There were nearly 70 dogs on the flight. About half of them are going to two other shelters in the state, and the other half are on their way to Forsyth Humane Society to start their new life.

“We will be sending some out to fosters today…hopefully, within the next 24-48 hours, we will be moving those that are healthy enough on to our spay and neuter calendar. We will get them spayed and neutered and then be available for adoption shortly after that,” Neff said.

The Forsyth Humane Society has extra fosters ready to help them with the extra dogs.

They will continue to update their website as the dogs are available for adoption so continue to check back there if you are interested.