GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — Ester Norris has been living in her Pine Street home for the last 16 years. She says she vividly remembers when the 2018 Greensboro tornado touched down in her neighborhood.

“I was saying ‘oh my God. We’re in a tornado. This might be it,'” Norris said.

It was four years ago, but it’s a day Norris says she’ll never forget. Like many people who were around, she remembers exactly what she was doing the moment it hit.

“We were getting stuff in the house, and then I heard this funny noise, sounded like a train, and I said ‘I don’t see a train. There’s no train. The train just went past…the train couldn’t have went past because one is coming.’ Then, all of a sudden, both of us looked back there, and he said ‘oh my God. Look at that,’ and it was just twisting, coming down,” Norris said.

The storm damaged her roof and knocked down a centuries-old tree that stood in her backyard. She says it narrowly missed her home. The stump is still rooted in the ground.

Luckily, nobody in the house was hurt that day, and Norris wasn’t displaced. Unfortunately, dozens of other people in east Greensboro couldn’t say the same.

“I mean…you just think…that could have been me,” Norris said.

She says one positive thing that came out of all of the destruction was seeing the community come together to help one another.

She says it restored her faith in humanity.