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STATESVILLE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – The death of Kaneycha Turner has done more than just shock the small community of Statesville but has left it with a challenge to remember her as she lived, not how she died. 

The 19-year-old Statesville High School basketball star and 2022 graduate was one of six people shot at an apartment complex in Greensboro near the campus of NC A&T, where she had just started her freshman career. 

Greensboro police revealed that around 75 people had attended a block party which ended when a group began to fight. 

Witnesses told Queen City News partners, Fox 8 News at least one person went to a vehicle and pulled out a gun. 

They began to fire off several rounds that hit houses, vehicles, and six people. 

The 19-year-old and an unidentified male died at the scene. 

Interim Greensboro Police Chief Teresa Biffle explained that the party was not affiliated with NC A&T and that not all the people impacted or hurt in the shooting had attended the block party. 

The suspected shooter(s) have not been identified or caught. 

The news of Turner’s death reached the ears of her high school basketball Coach Greg Stewart this morning through a conversation with a student. 

Coach Stewart said he was still “in a state of shock.” 

He coached Kaneycha for her two years on the JV squad and another two years on the Varsity team, where she was known as the rebound master.

“His skill was rebounds,” her coach explained. 

In 2020, Kaneycha asked Coach Stewart to write a college recommendation letter for her.   

On Wednesday, Coach Stewart shared a piece of that letter with Queen City News. 

He wrote about how she constantly challenged herself and thrived in the world of academics. 

“As you can see, Kanechya is a young lady who is goal-oriented and very persistent at reaching and achieving her dreams.” Coach Stewart wrote. 


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It wasn’t just herself who Kanechya challenged during her four years at Statesville High School, but Coach Stewart said he began to view his duties as a coach differently. 

“She made me look at coaching a little bit more different. Coming from a different angle. That’s there’s more to just winning and losing,” he said. “Just a state of shock, but everybody just talking about the good. They remember all the good things about her, all of the good things that she stood for.”  

Statesville High Schools have begun to plan a way to honor Kaneycha at the first home game for the women’s basketball team in early Dec.