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GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — A Greensboro man is sharing a warning after his mail was stolen this week.

“I was…upset, and I wanted to catch them,” Jess Washburn said.

He is still trying to make sense of what he saw Tuesday around 8 a.m. when he was working out in front of his home on Elm Ridge Lane in Greensboro.

“A car pulled up, and the passenger reached in and grabbed the mail and took off…they never pushed the flag down. They just stole the mail,” he said.

He instantly ran down the street and tried to follow the suspects to get their plate number before dialing 911.

“It happened in less than 10 seconds,” Washburn said. “We know the type of car was a Silver Maxima with a handicapped sticker on the back.”

Later he tried to retrieve the missing mail and noticed he was not alone.

“I walked to Elm Street about half a mile and saw where they had thrown all the envelopes to the sidewalk,” he said.

There he found a pile of eight envelopes all ripped open.

“I guess they were checking for cash and gift cards,” Washburn said. “So I picked up all the mail and called all the people by their return address…and told them all I found their mail. I actually taped it back up and sent it out to them.”

Since the situation, posts have been made online warning others to keep an eye out within their own communities.

“Our mail carrier says it’ll be a good idea to not just put up the flag. No pun intended, it’s a ‘red flag’ for thieves. Everyone needs to be vigilant,” he said.

We also reached out to the US Postal Inspector Service Office.

A spokesperson tells FOX8 they are aware of the situation, and they are working with law enforcement.

Meanwhile, if you believe your mail was stolen, you can report it to the US Postal Inspection Service by calling (877)-876-2455.