(WGHP) — As the weather warms up, it’s time to start planning your spring and summer adventures.

But before you do, there are some updates and changes coming to parks across the Piedmont that you should know about.

Cities around the Piedmont are preparing now to keep you and your family busy and entertained later this summer. The paddle boats at Country Park in Greensboro will be available to rent starting this weekend. That’s just one of the ways park officials hope to get you out to explore.

The sights and sounds of spring are in the air, on the trees and at the playground.

“You want go down the slide,’ said Shayne Wray to her grandson. The duo spends a lot of time at area parks. “We try to always think of something new to go to, different parks. We don’t always go to just one. We have different routines. We go to other ones and try them all out,” Wray said.

She has eight grandchildren and plans to take them all over the Piedmont this summer.

If you are hitting the trails in Winston Salem, the city has updated its address markers. Now, first responders can find your exact location easily if you call for help on your cell phone.

Over in High Point, there’s a new bridge to connect people from surrounding communities to City Lake Park.

But the biggest update at City Lake Park will open next month. Families will be able to use all the upgrades at the pool starting Memorial Day weekend.

“We’ve been watching the progress and taking pictures and sending them to all the grandkids. We are so excited, look what they are doing and how they have changed everything around,” Wray said.

High Point also just opened new bathrooms at Hedgecock Park, and the city of Greensboro is trying out a new way to kick off the summer with what they call a Demo Day on April 30 at Lake Townsend.

“That’s an opportunity for people to come out and use our kayaks, our stand-up paddleboards, our canoes and use those for free on that day and experience the lake,” said Jennifer Hance from the Greensboro Parks and Recreation Department.


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Throughout the city of Greensboro, they utilize three lakes, have four gardens, four regional parks, 100 miles of trails and 130 neighborhood parks. 

“You can never have enough parks,” Wray said.

There are no big changes for this summer for pools and splash pads. Right now, the city of Greensboro does have a survey for you to complete about what changes you would like to see at aquatic facilities in the future.