(WGHP) — Omega Sports is closing after 45 years in business, according to a statement released by the company.

The company plans to begin winding down operations now until early this summer.

The full statement is provided below:


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We are saddened to confirm that Omega Sports will close its doors and shut down its e-commerce operation. This decision was made after conferring with Omega’s financial and legal advisors.

In short, the challenges presented by COVID-19 and the subsequent supply chain shortages, wage and cost inflation, and economic uncertainties have taken their toll on our business. The company intends an orderly wind-down of operations from now through early summer.

We are grateful for our incredible team of dedicated employees who have unselfishly and professionally served our customers and communities for over four decades. We are equally thankful for our longtime customers who have been loyal, supportive, and faithful to Omega Sports.

–Omega Sports