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GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — Farmland in southern Greensboro is set to be turned into a warehouse and Amazon distribution center. 

The Greensboro City Council approved a request to annex and rezone 109 acres at 238 Ritters Lake Road from residential property to light industrial last November. 

City planning documents reveal the operation could be as large as a 634,812 square-foot facility. 

Amazon facility site plan
Amazon facility site plan

“This tenant is committed to being a long-term asset to the community, and I can say that based on precedent in other markets that they’re in right now,” said Taylor Williams, a representative for the Williams Development Group. 

The plans are concerning to people living next to the property

“I just feel like it’s going to destroy the quality of the neighborhood,” said Donna Reed, who lives beside the property. 

Reed has lived on Ritters Lake Road for 16 years. She said the peace and quiet attracted her to the neighborhood.

There is currently only farmland, trees, homes and two churches on the rural street.  

“Save that memory because from what I understand, it won’t be quiet long,” she said. “Our road is not equipped. It’s only two lanes with no line and our water system. We have private wells at this point, and we’re really concerned about our property values and our property.” 

Site plans show three entrances on Ritters Lake Road and one on South Elm-Eugene Street and a buffer zone of trees at the back of the property.

The access point closest to Randleman Road would be used as the primary way in and out for trucks. The entrance on South Elm-Eugene Street would be used for seasonal traffic. 

The plan proposes a new southbound lane on South Elm-Eugene Street and a roundabout at Ritters Lake Road. An additional lane would be added to Ritters Lake Road to include a turn lane into the facility.

It’s estimated to add 4,188 trips up and down the road, including 603 trips during the morning peak hour and 1,006 trips during the evening peak hour.

“It’s a good site close to the interstate, centrally located within the region,” Michael Fox, attorney for Williams Development Group, said at the planning and zoning commission meeting. “The Triad has seen a number of similar projects like this.” 

This project is similar to upcoming projects like Boom Supersonic and the Toyota Battery Plant.  

“We anticipate a significant number of jobs and a significant capital investment with this project,” Fox said at the meeting. 

Fox told the Greensboro Planning and Zoning Commission that 65 notices were mailed to residents surrounding the property and a Zoom meeting was held for feedback. 

Reed plans to keep an eye on the property. 

“They’ve cleaned out the land,” she said. “They’ve stripped all the trees, and this is my neighbor.”  

She is focused on the uncertainty of a neighbor that will create a different kind of life for her. 

“Who knows what’s going to happen next?” Reed said. “The pollution, the water. I just have no idea where this is going to go.” 

FOX8 reached out to Amazon and did not receive a comment. 

The property owner told FOX8 they were not aware of any plans for an Amazon fulfillment center. They specified they were not selling the land directly to Amazon, but selling to a developer.