GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — No charges will be filed in a fatal officer-involved shooting in Greensboro, according to Guilford County District Attorney Avery Crump.

On Aug. 21, 2022, a Greensboro Police Department officer attempted to pull over a white 2018 Nissan Altima with Florida license plates.

The officer was driving a fully-marked GPD patrol car that featured the GPD insignia and a siren. The officer was also dressed in the standard GPD uniform bearing a badge and other markings to clearly identify himself.

Before the officer activated blue lights to pull the Altima over, the driver, Nasanto Antonio Crenshaw, turned into the parking lot of a shopping center on the 4900 block of West Market Street.

Dashcam video shows that after the officer activated blue lights, the Altima continued to drive slowly through the parking lot without stopping. The officer then radioed communications to send an assist car to the scene.

Moments later in the parking lot, the Altima came to a stop. The brake was not released, and the car was never shifted into park. The officer got out of his patrol car and began to approach the Altima when Crenshaw suddenly accelerated away.

The officer got back in his patrol car and continued to follow the Altima while alerting communications that the car had driven away. It was at this time the officer was told by communications that the Altima had been reported as stolen out of Fayetteville earlier that same day.

Eventually, the officer found the stolen Nissan at a dead end in the parking lot. Dashcam video shows the officer approaching the car in his patrol car as three people exited the backseat of the stolen Nissan, running away and leaving the door open in the process.

Dashcam video also shows the officer pulling his patrol vehicle up to the stolen Nissan to try and block it in. It was then that Crenshaw backed the car up and turned hard to the right causing the front left of the Nissan to crash into the front of the patrol car. The collision appeared to happen while the officer was getting out of the patrol car.

Afterward, the officer can be heard on his body camera giving several loud verbal commands for the suspects to “get on the ground.” As the officer walked to and around the rear of his patrol car, a final loud verbal command of “Stop!” can be heard.

At that moment, the Altima began to accelerate toward the officer and the officer then fired his duty weapon three times, striking Crenshaw.

Evidence showed two bullet holes in the front windshield and one bullet hole in the front passenger window. Crenshaw died of his injuries.

A juvenile was in the front passenger seat of the stolen Nissan and remained in the car. He was not injured.

Another juvenile, who was seen earlier on the dashcam video running away from the backseat, was found uninjured a short distance away from the car. Crenshaw and the two juveniles that were apprehended were all from Fayetteville.

The North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation was called and responded to the scene that same night. Agents later executed a search warrant on the stolen Nissan and found a tan and black Taurus 9mm pistol in between the driver seat and center console. Ski masks, gloves, a backpack and a cell phone were also found.

The owner of the Altima confirmed with investigators that they did not know Crenshaw or any of the other juveniles and did not permit them to drive the car. They also stated that none of the items seized during the search warrant belonged to them.

The officer told SBI investigators that the Altima “was about 5 to 8 feet distance from him, and it appeared that the driver was driving straight at him” when they fired their weapons. The officer says they felt they “had no other choice” and “nowhere to go” as it all occurred in a matter of seconds. The officer rendered aid to Crenshaw once the assist car arrived.

Based on the findings of the investigation, the district attorney will not be seeking any charges related to Crenshaw’s death.

Days after the shooting in August 2022, people gathered in Downtown Greensboro to protest Crenshaw’s death, marching from Elm Street to Washington Street, stopping at the Greensboro municipal building.

Earlier in March, Crenshaw’s mother announced a federal lawsuit against the Greensboro Police Department.

GPD released the following statement in response to the District Attorney’s findings:

“The Greensboro Police Department received the decision from the Guilford County District Attorney’s Office in the officer-involved shooting that occurred on August 21, 2022.

“Following this decision by the District Attorney, the Greensboro Police Department will file a petition with the court for the release of body-worn camera recordings and video-mounted camera recordings capturing this incident. If the petition for release is granted by the court, the Greensboro Police Department will release recordings from this incident to the community, consistent with any conditions set by the court.


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“As with critical incidents involving a death, the State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) responded and conducted the criminal investigation. Upon completion of the investigation, the SBI presented their findings to the District Attorney’s Office for review. The District Attorney reviewed evidence before making the determination.

“The officer, {name witheld}, was placed on administrative duty on August 21, 2022. As is standard protocol, the officer remains on administrative duty while the internal administrative investigation determines whether or not departmental policy was followed.

“The Department respects and values the sanctity of all human life. With any loss of life, there is a tremendous impact on those directly involved, the families, and the greater community. We as a Department will continue to follow all local and state policies to ensure fairness and transparency during all investigations.”

Statement from the Greensboro Police Department