GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — UNCG is ramping up security for students on campus, and it’s all tied to their phones. 

This year, students now have a new safety app on their phones called Spartan Safe, QR code poles have been installed across campus.

“Parents worry about safety because that’s their number one priority. So it’s good to always have safety,” said freshman Aaron Miller.

Freshman students in UNCG know they need to be aware of their surroundings to stay safe. 

“My safety matters because, as a young lady, I feel like it’s a little harder for us to walk the streets … to feel comfortable, secure and safe where we’re going,” said freshman Lauren Hicks.

Both safety measures are part of a larger project called the Public Safety Technologies Project which kicked off in April. 

It’s an effort to add another level of security on campus that students can access through their phones. 

“I think this will make me feel safer because it’s in a place where my phone is, and my phone is very accessible to me. So I feel like because my phone is accessible, that would be accessible and easy to use,” Hicks said.

There’s a total of 50 QR code poles in addition to other security poles around campus. 

All students have to do is scan the code, and they will be in touch with UNCG’s police department for any emergency. 


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“I have classes that are a little later in the day, so if it’s dark outside, I’ll be fearful of … people coming up to me harassing me … or just being taken somewhere I don’t want to go,” Hicks said.

The project isn’t finished. The school has plans to add more features to the app for students to make them feel safer while on campus. 

“It’s pretty good. They make sure that you are safe and sound. They even do check up on you just to make sure you’re good. So I feel like their safety is really good,” Miller said.