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GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — A new pharmacy in Renaissance Shops will help meet a need for care in the eastern part of Greensboro.

Hayley Wood opened My Pharmacy on Monday after providing months of mobile resources in the area throughout the pandemic. 

“We went to churches. We were on soccer fields. We went everywhere we could just to provide that care,” she explained. “I partnered with the Cambodian clinic and the Montagnard clinics in Greensboro. I partnered with the community over here to offer them vaccines in their community.” 

Through dozens of conversations, she learned people living in the area surrounding Phillips Avenue lacked convenient access to a full-service pharmacy. 

“One of the big hurdles they had was they had to take public transportation in order to get to a pharmacy. There wasn’t one in their community that wasn’t surrounded by a busy road,” Wood said. 

The locally owned pharmacy offers programs to help people quit smoking and medication consultation. 

A state law that went into effect on Feb. 1 allows Wood to provide other services too. 

“If there’s an access problem for someone to get to the doctor to get oral contraceptives, we’re able to help with those, and they’re further expanding those roles every day,” she said. 

The US Department of Agriculture reports that 141 households in the census tract do not have a vehicle, according to data from 2019. 

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Wood said the goal is to make Renaissance Shops a one-stop resource for families. 

“They do food drives here every third Thursday of the month…the Second Harvest Food Bank does it, and we come out here and support those efforts,” she said. 

The pharmacy plans to offer a drop-box for medication and syringes as well as free delivery for prescriptions.