GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — We’re getting our first look at how many people are using the new national mental health hotline 988.

When the number launched one week ago, 286 North Carolinians called 988. That’s a 142 percent increase in daily call volume. The state expects that number to keep going up.

When you call or text 988, a trained crisis counselor at North Carolina’s call center in Greenville answers. Then they point you to resources in your area like the Behavioral Health Center in Greensboro.

“The goal is for us to be that door that you can enter into and find or get connected to the services that you need,” Debra Mack, director of Guilford County Mental Health Services.

It’s the only place housing mental health urgent care, outpatient services and a peer support living room in the state. Nearly 9,000 people have used these services since they opened in June 2021.

“The need is great, and I think that only scratches the surface of what that need is,” Mack said.

Mack is getting her team prepared to help even more people as they learn what an urgent care for mental health is.

“Think about if you go to urgent care, and you don’t know if your arm is broken,” she said. “If it is broken, they’re going to refer you to the hospital or to the emergency department. Same thing here. Maybe you need intensive outpatient services. We could hook you up with that appointment. Or if you need to go to the ER and be seen there, we can send you.”

The next step is the launch of mobile crisis teams, allowing people to speak with peer support specialists who’ve lived through mental health crises.

The Behavioral Health Center in Greensboro will open an adult facility-based crisis center on Aug. 1.

Right now, the only other place to turn to is the National Alliance of Mental Illness Guilford. If you call 988, operators can connect you with that facility.