GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — People living along Walker Avenue in Greensboro are breathing a sigh of relief after new digital speed indicator signs as added to force drivers to slow down.

The signs went up Wednesday after the Greensboro traffic department monitored the area by surveying the speeds of drivers on Walker Avenue.

“Having the stop signs having the speed indicators, I think we all need those reminders,” said Gabriella Spang, resident on Walker Avenue.

Spang said in the short days of the signs being up, she’s already seeing a difference in drivers slowing down once they see their speed showing on the screen. The area speed limit is posted at 30 miles per hour, but Spang said not many people follow that rule.

“This particular thorofare does get more speeding than the rest of the neighborhood,” said Spang.

The signs are the latest safety measure added to Walker Avenue. A week ago, Greensboro police said a teen driving a Honda jumped the curb going double the speed limit, which caused it to flip and land in a person’s front yard.

“Just go the speed limit, it will help protect you and help protect other people and prevent accidents,” said Joel Kidd, a resident of Walker Avenue.

Several people in the neighborhood told FOX8 since the city has added the digital speed indicators, they are hoping the traffic department will go back out there to re-survey the intersection of Walker Avenue and Northridge Street, where they said most of the crashes occur.