GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — A new device is making the impossible possible for golfers with disabilities.

The first-ever Paramobile debuted on a Greensboro golf course and it’s changing the lives of long-time golfers that had to leave the greens.

“I just want to get out and hit the ball, score isn’t important, just being able to play golf again,” said Navy veteran Dan Gibson.

Gibson thought he would never take another swing on the fairway after being diagnosed with severe nerve damage in his hands and feet five years ago.

“I’ve got Grade 8 Neuropathy, which, hey, I’m living, no problem there but it does keep me away from golf,” said Gibson

The Paramobile is a game-changer and a first for Greensboro Parks and Recreation.

The Paramobile is a motorized wheelchair that helps people with disabilities stand to hit the golf ball.

Bob Brooks, the director of Gillespie Golf Course started to explore the possibilities of adaptive golf in 2016.

“To be able to offer the chance for someone to come back out and play golf that may have had an injury and hasn’t played in 10, 15, 20 years,” said Brooks.

“Now we can go out and offer to more people who may be at a veteran’s home that are wheelchair-bound, now we can get them out here,” Brooks added.

“I can come out to the golf course here, get in the unit and play nine rounds of golf without exiting the vehicle. I had no idea you could go on the greens and that’s a huge checkmark,” said Gibson

“I’m just excited, let’s play,” Gibson concluded.

Gillespie Golf Course is the first place the Reach Committee with Carolina’s PGA decided to add the $30,000 device.

Free instructional clinics for veterans will be held every Friday afternoon for six weeks. Reach out to Gillespie Golf Course for more information.