GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — Many people living near Golden Gate Drive in Greensboro woke up to flashing blue lights from police cars outside their windows early Friday morning.

A police standoff lasted nearly ten hours. Officers said a person barricaded himself in a home on Golden Gate Drive and was eventually taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

The first officer arrived on scene shortly after 5 a.m. Friday. Most people weren’t even awake at that hour.

FOX8’s Caroline Bowyer talked with a man who lives directly across the street from the house the investigation is centered around. His wife is one of the people who called 911 after a stranger knocked on their door.

“He had a gun in his hand,” said Brandon Kasten, who lives on Golden Gate Drive. “I told him he wasn’t coming inside. He said he was with the Greensboro Police Department, but I hadn’t seen the ID, so he wasn’t coming in.”

Those were the scary moments before the sun came up for Kasten and his wife. The sound of yelling was their alarm clock Friday morning.

“It’s not the first time I’ve heard people yelling out here before, but I just…fell back asleep,” he said. “Wife did not. So then not long after that, she heard a gunshot and…woke me up.”

Minutes later, Ring camera footage showed an ambulance on the street. Shortly after, the footage showed what appears to be a person rolling a stretcher and multiple police cars.

“We had a police officer come the door, asked us to either evacuate or shelter in place,” Kasten said. “And she was just waking up and…it was still kind of chilly outside, and I thought we’d just be better hanging out the back end of the house until it was OK.”

While Kasten’s family sheltered in place, they heard officers talking through an intercom for hours.

“They kept repeating the address, his name and ‘can you please come out with your hands up? ” said Patrick Henry, who lives in the area. “We heard that for two hours.”

Officers surrounded a home on Golden Gate Drive. The property owner told FOX8 it’s a boarding house where a 42- and 60-year-old rent rooms.

“A couple guys have been here for a long time like the individual they were calling out for today,” Kasten said.

Some neighbors said this all started when an off-duty police officer was shot in the ankle while walking his dog. Police have not released any details on what lead up to this.

The standoff comes six days after a standoff on Wayside Drive, which also involved Greensboro police. Two days before that, Guilford County deputies were involved in a standoff in Pleasant Garden after serving a warrant.

All three are incidents that shook up neighborhoods and interrupted people’s days.

Police said this is an active investigation.

As for the off-duty officer neighbors claim was shot, they said he’s at home resting and doing well.