GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — A record-breaking enrollment year for North Carolina A&T State University has posed a limited parking fiasco for students on campus.

Students like Nicholas Ballentine have expressed their frustration about limited parking on campus.

Ballentine said people are looking for the perfect parking spot before class.

“I try to find one in the morning for classes…I really can’t find any, especially in Richmond” Ballentine said.

Richmond, or lot 19, is one of 38 parking lots on campus and the closest one to the student center on campus. There are 4,900 parking spaces spread out throughout the campus.

Currently, student parking is available to upperclassmen with the purchase of a permit from parking services. Freshmen can also park on campus provided they show proof of hardship, medical needs or off-campus employment to the Office of Leadership and Civic Engagement.

Students are required to have a parking permit. Annually, permits to park cost $242 and $125 for the semester.

Angela Peterson, Associate Vice Chancellor of Campus enterprises, said the university shattered a record-breaking enrollment year with over 13,000 students with 4,000 living on campus, and parking is an issue they are looking to fix.

“Parking is always a low-hanging fruit. The need and demand for parking is going to continue to exist,” Peterson said.

Peterson said for some students, it’s about convenience and finding the closest parking spot.

To help with the demand for parking, the university has added more park-and-ride stations around the campus for people to park further away and wait for a shuttle to pick them up and drop them off at their desired on-campus location.

“The shuttles do go through and pick them up to bring them on to campus. To help with subsidizing the need of finding parking spaces available for them on campus,” Peterson said.

Students who wish to “Park and Ride” would need to buy a pass for $125. However, if paying is not an option, there are free spaces to park around the campus. Peterson said it’s best to leave the house early for class to find a good parking spot.

Peterson said the university is looking at ways to make looking for parking a bit easier. She said that by next fall, the university is looking to add digital signs to the parking lots to let people know if the lot is at capacity or how many spaces are available before driving through it.

The university is also looking at an app that would tell you what parking lots/spaces are available before you get to campus.

“We do have a masterplan for our campus. The masterplan is currently being updated, and part of our masterplan…does address our parking needs and the need for parking decks,” Peterson said.