GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — With the help of a $500,00 grant, North Carolina A&T State University is in the process of moving forward with ideas on how to renovate and preserve parts of the World War Memorial Stadium.

The stadium is the oldest minor league stadium in the state, with it being designed in 1926 and built in 1926. The stadium began to house the NC A&T baseball team in the 50s, but the field and complex were still owned and operated by the city of Greensboro.

War Memorial, while known for its historical significance, has also become known for its crumbling infrastructure and outdated amenities.

Bill Barlow, the director of design and construction with the university, told FOX8 that the dugouts are close to their original format from the 20s but with rotting wood and chipped paint.

“They’re from the 20s, and many of us who played…here know it was old for us back then,” Barlow explained.

Because the university did not own the field and stadium, it was not allowed to do renovations or maintenance on the stadium.

However, in February, the university acquired the field and stadium from the city of Greensboro.

“We can now finally start to do what we’ve wanted to do all along,” Barlow said.

The university has begun to pull together $8 million of a $20 million goal to not only renovate parts of the stadium but also to figure out which aspects can be returned to their original state or removed to be placed in a historical setting like a museum.

In July, the National Parks Service announced it would award close to $10 million worth of grants to Historically Black Colleges and Universities for preservation projects.

The university has work left to do to finalize its preservation and renovation draft. If approved by the university board, Barlow hopes to complete the projects within three years.