GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — Signs line the lawn of the governmental plaza in downtown Greensboro. It’s a memorial to victims of gun violence. They’ve been placed there by the group Mothers Against Gun Violence to bring awareness to an ongoing issue in the city.

Some of the mothers of the victims came gathered Wednesday to help clean the signs and restore their dignity in hopes of continuing to send a powerful message about the city’s gun violence issue.

“This is our way of still being in touch with them and being close to them and loving on them and it’s a healing. It’s a big healing for us,” said Mothers Against Gun Violence member, Dr. Irish Spencer. 

According to the Greensboro police, there have been 12 homicides involving a firearm this year. 

Many of the victim’s mothers are still waiting for justice. Camisha Washington’s son Reggie was killed in February of 2021. The case remains unsolved.

“It’s hurtful. I’m just trying to stay hopeful that this case will be solved. It’s traumatizing. It traumatizes everyone and it’s like nobody wins because my son has two children that are left behind without a father, so nobody’s winning,” Washington said. 

The group marches through different Greensboro neighborhoods every Wednesday to spread awareness and encourage members of the community to come forward with information. Greensboro police serve as an escort.