GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — A Greensboro couple spent the pandemic caring for some of the sickest patients across the county. 

“It’s so scary. If I didn’t have someone to lean on for support, I don’t think I would have been able to get as far as I did,” Princess Conty said Monday. 

FOX8 spoke with Princess and her husband Jason during National Nurses Week.

“We’ve always had a heart for people,” Jason said. 

It’s one of the qualities that drew the couple together while still in nursing school in Virginia. Jason and Princess shared a study group before becoming a couple. 

They accepted travel nursing positions across the country for several years and arrived in Orlando just before the pandemic struck. 

“It was definitely nerve-wracking. At the same time, the emotional part of it was hard. You restrict the visitors, and you’re not used to having that especially when the patients aren’t feeling well,” Jason said. “Having to deal with that by yourself away from family members in a place you don’t live in permanently…would have been hard for us” 

“It was nice to also have someone who understands me and that I can talk to at home. Not necessarily the whole time but to share my experience,” Princess added. 

Working in a float pool where they were needed, the Contys cared for patients together as well.

“The big thing I’ve learned from Jason is actually compassion for patients. I learned he always tries to learn something new about…every patient that he takes care of, whereas I used to just do my job and get through the day,” Princess said. 

After five years of traveling, the couple bought a house in Greensboro and are working together at Cone Health. 

“I do miss traveling. But at the same time, I do enjoy this part of our life right now,” Princess said.