GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — A man who was arrested last weekend for having dozens of weapons and hundreds of rounds of ammunition on North Carolina A&T State University’s campus approached police himself, according to a bond order.

The bond order, which set Brandon Bentley’s initial bond at $75,000 when he was charged early Sunday morning for having numerous weapons in his car on campus, says that the bond was issued to “reasonably assure the appearance of the defendant” and alleges the “defendant poses a danger of injury to another person.”

According to the document, Bentley allegedly swerved into the “PVA of A&T” and approached officers asking for help. The officers saw a handgun in the passenger seat, along with “numerous” other weapons.

They describe Bentley as being extremely agitated and that he was “terrified of being kidnapped by a religious cult he found through social media.” He allegedly said he had weapons to protect himself. The paperwork said that his wife said she “doesn’t know what he’s thinking.”

While Bentley’s only prior charges have been traffic violations, according to the document, the document concludes that officials believe he needed a mental health evaluation and showed a “dangerous” mental state, making him a flight risk.


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His bond was increased to $100,000, which he was able to post on Monday. A condition of his release was that he was not allowed on any educational property.

Students on campus were upset when they learned of Bentley’s arrest, saying that the university didn’t inform them someone was found on campus with so many weapons.

The university has not offered a comment about the incident.