GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — A man was charged by Greensboro police on Monday and accused of assaulting a victim while pretending to be a worker, according to the Greensboro Police Department.

Around 7:25 p.m., Greensboro officers responded to North Elam Avenue when they were told about an assault.

The victim said the suspect was a man around 30 years old who was wearing an orange construction vest, a dark sweatshirt, jeans and sunglasses.

The suspect reportedly knocked on the victim’s door, said he was a worker and wanted to check the backyard for a water line break.

A Sunset Hills Community crime watch email details how he then asked her if her husband was home, if he could have her phone number and if he could go inside her home. She said “no” to his requests.

Then he grabbed her and threw her to the ground.

Police charged Caesarae Shewan Roseborough-Suber, 28, with:

  • assault with a deadly weapon
  • assault on a female
  • second-degree kidnapping

Police are investigating to determine if any additional charges will be filed against Roseborough-Suber.

He was given a $202,500 bond.

A handful of people posted online and shared emails with FOX8 about a suspicious man wearing an orange utility vest and driving a white truck with furniture in the back trying to get into their homes.

Neighbors think he could be connected to more suspicious activity in the Greensboro area.

Ava Enochs lives on North Mendenhall Road and was at home alone Saturday night when she heard a strange noise.

“Knocking on the back door of our house…over a couple minutes, it escalated to banging,” Enochs said. “The power tool sound coincided with the initial banging on the door, so that’s when it really felt like it escalated, and I got freaked out.”

She called her dad who came speeding over, but the man took off in a white truck wearing an orange utility vest before he could stop him.

The banging left Enoch’s door, frame and lock split.

Greensboro police are looking at the possibility the suspect in the assault could be connected to the attempted break-in and other suspicious situations over the weekend.

A woman living in the Starmount Forest area posted on Nextdoor saying a man wearing an orange utility vest knocked on her door. Her parents answered, and he asked to fix the electricity. They would not let him in.

Greensboro police say they do not have a report on file or a call to match the situation in Starmount Forest.