GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — Staffing shortages and unpredictable weather has slowed the city down in collecting leaves in the City of Greensboro.

Monday, Greensboro city officials said they extended the first round of leaf collection to Saturday, Jan. 14, which was supposed to end this week.

The delay will give homeowners more time to rake, blow and bag all the leaves in the front and back yards to be picked up at once.

“I wouldn’t have to rush so much if I would have known earlier, but you know it’s going to be back-breaking work regardless,” said homeowner Charles Coffey,

The second round of leaf pickup will run from Monday, Jan. 16 to Friday, Feb. 10.

“With the rain, the leaves in the street, they get heavier. Probably takes them longer and stuff. But, like I said, I’m a little happy that they’re a little behind because I can get the place cleaned up by the time they get here,” said Greensboro homeowner Jerry Cunningham.

Combined with the staffing shortages, city officials also said a large number of leaves fell within the first few weeks of the season, slowing the collection.

Leaf collectors have picked up more than 7,600 tons of leaves, 2,800 tons more than were collected last year at this time.

While you get leaves out of the yard, make sure they are not blocking the roadway. It makes it harder for cars to pass on two-way lanes.

Do not park in front of a pile of leaves. It makes it harder for the collectors to pick up the leaves.

Do not let the leaves block the street storm drains. They could possibly cause a clogging issue during future rainfalls.