GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — A family and the Greensboro community are searching for answers and trying to figure out how three small kids under the age of five died in a house fire. 

The Greensboro Police Department, Greensboro Fire Department and the Department of Insurance are investigating the cause of the fire.

A spokesperson for the police department tells FOX8 this is a criminal investigation, which is standard in any situation where a person dies in a fire.

Investigators will make a determination after they’re done if charges should be filed. No charges have been filed at this time.

Neighbors and people who heard the family’s story felt called to see if they could help.

“As a mother, it doesn’t matter if they’re 32 or if they’re three and one. The devastation of losing a child, and she lost three,” Sandra Miller said.

Miller couldn’t stop thinking about the three little boys taken by the fire.

She drove over to the home, hoping she could lend any type of help to the family.

“Whether I know you or not…you have to cross that line of comfort and say ‘we’re here for you,'” Miller said.

Miller was one of dozens of people with the family on their hearts.

“I don’t want this to happen to anybody. I don’t wish this on nobody because the kids are harmless. They’re precious angels. They don’t even know what life is and won’t know now,” said Andre Lawray, who drove by the home Tuesday.

Each person took in the melted siding, charred walls and small reminders a family used to live here.

Crime scene investigators walked back through the home, getting more photos and taking a look inside.

Fire investigators sent a handful of items off to state labs for testing and are focused on interviewing neighbors.

“It’s Christmas. It’s supposed to be joyful and bright and cheery, but it’s going to be anything but that for [the mother]” Miller said.

Family members of the father of the three children have started a GoFundMe.