GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — Cyclists are warning people about a Greenway crossing at South Murrow Boulevard and East Gate City Boulevard near Bennett College.

One man is calling it a dangerous spot after a driver almost side-swiped him. Cyclists say the biggest concern about the Greenway crossing is the signal lights.

FOX8 found out Tuesday when you press the button to cross, you get the walk sign at the same time drivers get a green light in the left lane.

Ted Podlesni rides his bike along the Downtown Greenway in Greensboro often.

“I really love using the Greenway, and that’s the reason I started biking to work,” he said.

On Monday morning around 11:15 a.m., he was crossing the intersection, and a car nearly plowed into him.

“She was turning a little quickly and did not see me, so I braked. She swerved in the lane, hit the throttle and barely got out of the way,” Podlesni said. “It came so close, the car hit knocked my bike lock into the street.

Podlesni says although he walked away from the scene unharmed, he put in a traffic complaint with the Greensboro Police Department.

“Near calls on this intersection is not new for me to hear. Unfortunately, we have gone repeatably to Greensboro Department of Transportation over the last year, and nothing has happened…so it’s just a tragedy waiting to happen,” Nicole Lindahl said.

Lindahl coordinates projects with Bicycling in Greensboro.

The GDT director reviewed crash reports in the area and found none involving vehicles and people.

However, engineers will be out checking the timing and configuration of the traffic signals, which is something the project coordinator with bicycling in Greensboro is happy to see before someone is seriously hurt.

“The problem there is that the Greensboro transportation department doesn’t have the data that they need in order to make these decisions, so they rely on a very serious crash where there is no choice but to have that reported like a person going to EMS in order to find out the problems for cyclists, and that’s not a good way to do it,” Lindahl said.

“I don’t blame the person who almost hit me. We all make mistakes. It shows if it is that easy to make a mistake, things need to be changed,” Podlesni said.

We will be following up to see what engineers found during their investigation and what if any changes will be made.