GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — Homicides, robberies and rapes are all down in the City of Greensboro compared to this time last year.

City leaders believe it’s the Greensboro Police Department’s focus on the community and the work of outside groups.

“I believe Greensboro is going to be what we envision it to be, but it takes time, and it takes effort,” Councilwoman Dr. Goldie Wells said.

Wells oversees a part of Greensboro which sees the highest crime.

District two is the area south of Lees Chapel Road between Murrow Boulevard and Interstate 840.

“I’m concerned about the cause of so much violence. I don’t know where all of it comes from, but it’s lives that are being lost,” Wells said.

A weekly report shows that between Nov. 27 and Dec. 4, the city had one homicide.

To date, police have investigated 41 this year compared to 51 last year.

In the same week, officers seized 28 guns and filed five violent crime charges.

“The hotspots seem to be in east Greensboro, in districts one and two, but I’m concerned because district two has the highest number of homicides,” Wells said.

Councilwoman Wells believes community-focused groups like Gate City Coalition are key in getting crime under control.

“Just being present, just being active with community engagement has been one of our most powerful pieces,” said Ingram Bell with Gate City Coalition.

Bell identified the Smith Homes neighborhood and the Martin Luther King Jr. corridor as their hotspots.

“Our numbers in our target area are way down,” Bell said.

Now, with additional funding, they’re turning their focus and adding more resources to Overland Heights and Hickory Trail.

“Strong neighborhoods make a strong city,” Wells said.

However, one number is on the rise: shooting into occupied property and drive-by shootings.

This year, 100 more people have fallen victim compared to last year.

“That worries me because Greensboro is one of those cities where you can get anywhere in 10 to 15 minutes and be on the other side of town by the time anybody realizes what has happened,” Bell said.

Wells is encouraging people to think about themselves, their families and other people this holiday season.

“It may not be in your household, but it affects you because we all live in the city of Greensboro,” Wells said.

Aggravated assaults also dropped in 2022.

There were also 71 fewer reported robberies so far this year compared to last year.