GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — Just a month after the final portion of the Urban Loop in Greensboro opened for public access, people in the Peach Orchard community are starting to see a constant flow of traffic and speeders in their neighborhood.

“My once quiet neighborhood, as developments happen, has now become a cut-through,” said Royce Scott, a resident of the Peach Orchard neighborhood.

Scott told FOX8 he wants city officials to add speed humps that would force people to follow the rules of the road.

“I want speed humps instead of speed bumps because in speed bumps, which are little round things that people go over, and they slow down speed because you can’t hit it fast because you’re going to tear up your car or it’s going to be a jarring thing. A speed hump is just a minor raise, and it goes, and it comes down. It’s a smaller version,” Scott said.

Chris Spencer, Greensboro’s Transportation Engineering Manager, said putting the speed humps in the road would hinder the response time for first responders.

“One of the biggest concerns there, this was a primary emergency response route. There was concern to the impact of emergency response times as well as damage to the apparatus from those speed humps,” Spencer said.

Spencer said in March 2022, the city conducted extensive research on speeders and hosted several community meetings to get input on what they wanted to see to make the neighborhood safer.

The research found they could add several roundabouts to the roadways, add digital signs and other road-narrowing distractions.

“It’s not a one size fits all situation. We have to look at the context of the neighborhood and figure out what works best for that,” Spencer said.

Scott said the far end of Peach Orchard Drive has road distractions that slow drivers down, but the end near Church Street now needs attention.

Spencer said they want every road in Greensboro to be safe for everyone. He said after the research, they found that Peach Orchard Drive was a vital road for first responders, and speed humps would add response time to any emergency.

Spencer said the city will continue to monitor speeders in the area and is waiting for people to find and learn their route around the Urban Loop.

He said if the problem consists, they will revisit the issue to look at other options.