GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — There are almost 1,000 unhoused people in Greensboro, and there is a cold snap on the way this weekend followed by a cold winter forecasted.  

Nationwide, thousands of people facing homelessness end up needing medical care for cold-related injuries, and more than 700 die from hypothermia.  

In Greensboro, the police department is working with local nonprofits to help unhoused people prepare for the cold.

“We put together a donation drive to kind of get it out to the community and get their help to collect tents, toiletries, clothing,” GPD Officer Tommy Perkins said.  

Perkins works as a homeless assistance resource officer and was glad to see a donation of several tents on Friday night.  

There’s a big need for tents, sleeping bags, gloves and more warming items.  

“They do not have enough help. We always need donations because certain things we take for granted, but we are a paycheck away from being homeless as well,” said Stephanie Chapman, with Tiny House Development.  “I love what I do because sometimes they just need to know they are human, and that they matter.”

For the hundreds of unhoused people in Greensboro, the gift of warmth can be life-saving.  

“The gloves, the sleeping bags, the blankets, that could be the one thing that helps keep someone alive through the night,” said Jessica Littleton, an intake coordinator with Partners Ending Homelessness.  

Perkins will work with area nonprofits to continue donation drives quarterly. The next one is scheduled for Dec. 1.

“I am no different or better than they are. They are just people down on their luck who could use some assistance,” Perkins said. 

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They also need basic hygiene items like feminine care items, toothpaste, toothbrushes, floss, deodorant and wet wipes. And don’t forget pet food and pet items for those with animals.  

Here is list of resources to donate or support: 

  1. Partners Ending Homelessness
  2. Interactive Resource Center
  3. Guilford County Animal Services
  4. Tiny House Community Development

If you are experiencing homelessness, you can reach Coordinated Entry by calling (336) 553-2716 or by emailing to be connected with more help.