GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — Some students at Block 43 apartments in Greensboro say they have been without heat for weeks at a time.

Now concerns are growing as more winter weather is headed our way this weekend.

“There should be more urgency when there’s no heat. Heat is a necessity,” said Jordan Anderson-Murray, a student.

It’s a necessity Anderson-Murray says she hasn’t had in weeks. She has been dealing with the cold conditions inside her Block 43 apartment since Jan. 14.

“I went to the leasing office and said ‘Oh, we don’t have heat,’ and the system was down at the time because they were switching management, so we couldn’t put in the work order. We told one of the staff members in the leasing office, and we were told they will handle it and put it in the system when the system comes back,” she said.

They didn’t until Thursday evening. Anderson-Murray says they worked about six hours before leaving without the issue being resolved.

“Nothing is on. I don’t know how hot or cold it is in here,” Anderson-Murray said.

She says maintenance crews brought four space heaters to help keep her and her other three roommates warm. They are spread out around the apartment with one in each room and one inside the living room.

“You wouldn’t want to be in your own home without heat, so why do we as students have to suffer,” she said.

While we were interviewing for this story, our cameras captured a maintenance crew showing up around 1:30 p.m. to fix the issue,

Anderson-Murray’s not the only one braving the cold conditions.

FOX8 obtained this work order list from her apartment with some complaints dating back to Jan. 13.

33 tenants reported heating-related issues. On the list, you can see tenants complaining about not having heat for two weeks.

“Very frustrated…I have been living here for two years…the previous company wasn’t the best They tried to fix things,” Anderson-Murray said.

She says she pays her rent every month and shouldn’t have a problem.

She’s hoping this time around her heat can be fixed, but she’s not counting on it and is beginning to weigh her options.

“We can’t move to other units. They are full in other units…I can get a hotel or go home and finish class online if it gets that bad because I don’t know when or if they are going to fix the heat,” she said.

We reached out to Varsity Campus which owns the complex. They sent this statement:

Block 43 Management anticipates all heat issues in affected units will be repaired and fully functioning this weekend. We have recruited the help of a well-seasoned Block 43 Courtyard maintenance manager to oversee HVAC repairs which involve waiting for replacement parts. On Monday, another Varsity Campus facility manager will arrive to help solve any lingering issues. In the coming days Block 43 is making improvements to our Maintenance staff to prevent these issues in the future.

Block 43 is aware one of our residents contacted the media about their specific heat issue. This resident did contact the office to report the heating issue. That report and others were recorded and given to the maintenance team to address. For some of these issues an HVAC vendor was called in and Block 43 provided space heaters to all units with reported heating issues, pending full repair. We regret the length of time it has taken to fully address and repair the earlier reported issues, but we are working through the weekend to complete the repairs now.

Block 43 is committed to the safety and well-being of our residents. Residents are encouraged to report to management any maintenance needs that are not adequately addressed in a timely manner.

On Monday, representatives issued another statement about the resolution of the ongoing issues:

Block 43 made good strides in solving the heating issues. The unit the media was initially contacted about is repaired and functioning properly. At this time all units have adequate heat, be it a full repair or UL listed, safety rated space heaters. The most common issue we have found is that new thermostats a vendor installed last fall were either not properly installed or not properly programmed, or both, for the heat function. This obviously did not arise as a problem until the weather turned colder. The majority of these issues will be solved, with the heating units operational, by the end of the day, with the remainder being completed by Tuesday.