GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — Guilford Courthouse National Military Park has expanded in recent years and is weighing different options for development plans.

The Greensboro park is America’s first federally protected Revolutionary War site and a very popular place for hiking trails.  

Possible changes include closing and removing Old Battleground Road through the park or at least part of it.  

There’s less than a month left for the public to give their opinion on the three draft plan concepts for the park.  

Old Battleground Road has a steady flow of cars and trucks.

“One of the goals of this place is to present the landscape as close as we can to 1781, so you want to minimize modern intrusions into that historic landscape, and Old Battleground is a modern intrusion right in the middle of the battlefield,” said Aaron LaRocca, superintendent of Guilford Courthouse National Military Park.  

In concepts one and three, the road would be demolished, and nature would be restored. Only concept two keeps a portion of Old Battleground Road open and connects to New Garden Road.

With those possible changes, park accessibility is a top priority.  

“One of the goals of the development concept plan is to make recommendations on improved access and improved visitor circulation, so how do people get to the park, and once they’re in the park how they do they move around the park?” LaRocca said. 


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The National Park Service acquired Hoskins Farm and wants to further integrate that site into the greater military park experience, so visitors can learn more about the Revolutionary War.  

“That’s the mission of the National Park Service … protect these places for future generations,” LaRocca said. 

To view the plans and submit feedback by July first, visit their website by clicking here or visit the visitor’s center in person to fill out a form.