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GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — Guilford County Commissioners walked through yet another school in Guilford County, one they said is in the worst conditions for students and teachers.

On Wednesday, county commissioners continued their school tour through Grimsley High in Greensboro. The visit lasted nearly an hour and left commissioners heartbroken at the sight of the conditions the classrooms and bathrooms are.

“When you pass by this road, and you see this magnificent campus, you think everything is great, but until you go inside, then you will be amazingly disappointed,” said County Chairman Skip Alston.

The tour of Grimsley High showed holes in the walls in classrooms, plaster falling from the ceilings and walls, outdated bathrooms, and repairs that need fixing.

“Even when I tried to touch it, they said don’t touch it because you don’t know what it is, it could be asbestos, but you have children sitting in these classrooms,” said Commissioner Carlvena Foster.

The Bond referendum that passed a resolution in December of last year from commissioners will go to the much-needed capital improvements inside Guilford County Schools if voters approve it.

The plan for the $1.7 billion is to fund 19 rebuilds, 12 renovations, and 3 new construction projects. It would also provide new technology, maintenance, and a safe environment for students and teachers.

Voters have the option to cast their votes on the 1.7billion dollar bond referendum on May 17th during elections.