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GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — Rice Toyota, a longtime staple of the Greensboro community, announced a name change on Thursday.

The business will be changing its name to “Toyota of Greensboro” effective immediately after spending nearly 60 years under the Rice name.

The Rice family says that the name change reflects their commitment to the Greensboro community and celebrates the recent growth and evolution of their brand.

“We’ve kept the Rice name on the dealership as a way to honor the legacy of the family, but it’s
time for the business to be more reflective of Greensboro than a family. As we transition our name, we remain dedicated to providing the best possible service to our community.”

Mary Rice, dealer principal of Toyota of Greensboro, formerly Rice Toyota

Toyota of Greensboro is the oldest Toyota dealership in the southeast.


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The business also released the following statement on the name change as it relates to control of the dealership:

“The name change does not reflect any change in ownership or control of the dealership, nor will the shift from Rice Toyota to Toyota of Greensboro affect any prior purchases. Any warranties or plans made through Rice Toyota will remain valid through Toyota of Greensboro.”

Toyota of Greensboro

Temporary vinyl signage reflecting the name change will go up on Monday as the new permanent sign is made in the coming months.