GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — For years, Greensboro leaders have worked to revamp the south side of Elm Street.

It seems their efforts are working. But one side is more popular than the other. Most people are coming to the south side of the train tracks. It’s an area where, years ago, there wasn’t much there. Now, people said it’s the place to be in Downtown Greensboro.

“We happen to have a great view of it…every day, we see throngs of people strolling up and down Elm Street,” said Eric Henriksen, the owner of Hidden Gate Brewing Company.

His brewery is the newest business to open on the south side of the Elm Street train tracks.

“We hadn’t planned it to be part of this, but it has just taken off on this side of town,” Henriksen said.

Less than a week after opening, Henriksen is pleased with how many customers he’s seen.

“Right now…on every block, there is something new and happening and exciting and bringing people downtown,” he said.

People of all ages came to explore the area Friday night.

“This end of Elm has really developed well,” said Phyllis Deans, who was on a date night downtown.

The younger crowd likes to bar-hop in the area.

“It’s nice because you can just…hang out at Bearded Goat and get a couple of drinks and then move to another place,” said Skylar Robinson, who lives in Greensboro.

Many people said there’s something for everyone.

“The restaurants are awesome, bringing in some good business,” Deans said. “The vintage shops….jewelry shop. There’s so much to see and do.”

The other side of the train tracks isn’t as busy, but there are some places drawing in crowds.

A spokesperson with Downtown Greensboro Incorporated said there are a few restaurants expected to open in the coming months.

Current owners said any new business benefits all the shops and restaurants on both sides of the Elm Street train tracks.

“The atmosphere is that downtown is the party, not any given place,” Henriksen said.

With all that’s happening on the south side of Elm Street, there’s more on the way. Jake’s Diner is expected to open on Monday.

Downtown Greensboro Incorporated is excited for what’s to come and thrilled with the progress the area has made.