GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — Time is running out for a Greensboro mother of two to find a new home.

“I just don’t know what else to do,” the mom said through tears. “Everyone keeps telling me you just keep going and I am, but it’s so hard when you’ve been to a million places all you get is no.”

She’s been searching for a place to live in Greensboro for the last six months after her landlord told her the townhouse she lived in for years was being sold. Every no she gets is because of the housing voucher she uses to help pay her rent.

She didn’t want to reveal her name to protect her kids.

“It has affected my child to the fact that he does not want to go to school because he’s afraid that he’s going to come home and the doors are going to be locked,” said the mom.

The financial troubles started in 2021 when the 44-year-old fought a tough battle with COVID-19. She spent time in the hospital and had a long recovery, causing her to adjust her work hours, earning less money.

“I almost died,” she said. “I had to be rushed to the hospital because my oxygen level was very low.”

Two days after Christmas, the mom’s landlord gave her 30-days notice to vacate.

She’s paid over $1,000 in application fees for apartments she knows she’ll never live in. Every realtor, landlord and apartment manager she tells she’s using choice vouchers to help pay the rent deny her a place.

“I am on several waiting lists for those affordable housing apartment complexes, but a lot of those have up to a three-year waiting list,” she said.

The Greensboro Housing Authority shared with FOX8 that housing supply could be playing a role in her struggle. Choices are limited at all income levels.

They’re trying to educate landlords on how vouchers work and create a larger network of properties willing to take them.

“My goal is to be a homeowner. My goal is not to be on government assistance for the rest of my life,” said the mom. “After being sick last year I know what I need to get back on my feet. I know exactly what I need. and I need this and somebody is going to give me a yes.”

Any landlords interested in being a part of the network providing people using vouchers with housing options, email the Greensboro Housing Authority at