GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — Bridget Crump and Vicky Martin became part of the Greensboro Fire Department’s first all-female team of fire investigators and made history

At one time, there were three women in the role including Crump, Martin and Jennifer Mann.

Mann has since moved into a different role.

Any time a fire happens in the city, fire investigators are responsible for determining where it started, how it started and whether it was an accident or arson.

“We start interviewing anybody that’s around…the homeowners, tenants, neighbors, and trying to see what everybody saw before the 911 caller to see what was going on,” Martin said.

“We’re not just going to fly in and take care of an investigation and within an hour say, ‘Well, this is what happened.’ If it needs to be a thorough long-drawn-out month, two month…it could be longer…that’s what it’s going to take,” Crump said.

Crump and Martin have been with the Greensboro Fire Department for 21 and 19 years, respectively.

Crump has been in the fire investigator role for seven years while Martin has been in the position for approximately five years.

They lean on each other to cover facts in the case but also for emotional support.

Crump remembers the impact the May 2018 Summit Avenue fire had on her and her colleagues.

Five children died.

“That fire was very, very hard for a lot of us. It takes a lot to put those fires behind you to move forward. You never forget them. You can about quote the date and times, and you relive it a lot of times,” she said.

Martin recently investigated the fire on Grimsley Street in which three young children died.

“It’s not just us that is affected by it. It is the firefighters on the line. It is the community. It is everybody,” Martin said.

Knowing that families are counting on them keeps the investigators motivated even during difficult times.

“For us to be able to bring that closure to the family, to ourselves and to the guys that were on the scene with us and to the department, that’s what’s important to us.”