GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — Greensboro tennis players say some courts need lighting.

It all comes down to the addition of six new courts to handle the demand. On a Thursday night, it is packed. In a few months, the country’s top 12-year-old female tennis players will be here for their tournament.

How come the lights aren’t on at night on the new courts? A city of Greensboro spokesperson says the new courts look complete, but lighting is being worked on.

It’s what’s holding players back when the sun goes down.

“We’ve got these new courts…we have to get them up and working,” said Zack Matheny, who represents District 3 on the city council.

Confusion about what was designed and what was implemented is keeping the lights off at the new courts at Spencer Love Tennis Center.

“What the city is doing is working with the contractor for what we will term ‘quick fixes,’ which is temporary lighting to get up. There is some drainage issues from what I have been told by some players, so we are going to try to fix some of those issues,” Matheny said.

He said he has heard the frustration from players that had games moved to other locations because of the lack of lighting. 

“Why wasn’t it done right the first time, and what can we do to avoid this going forward?” he said.

Paul Steimle started playing tennis at Spencer Love about 10 years ago to get some exercise. He uses them at least once a week.

“These improvements have been really awesome. The courts are in great shape. Everything is really accessible and really affordable, too.,” Steimle said.

Since tennis is gaining popularity in Greensboro, every court is needed.
“It attracts people to the city. I think It’s one of the nice things about living in Greensboro, and there are many of them,” Steimle said.

The Guilford Regional Tennis Association hosts thousands of league players in the community, which doesn’t include the recreational players.

Those league games often go well into the evening hours.

“We’ve heard you. I’ve heard you, and they have heard you at city hall, and you are going to be playing under lights as soon as possible at Spencer Love,” Matheny said.

There is no timeline for when the lights will be on, but city employees are actively working on it. In the meantime, the original 12 courts are open, and the lights on that side are working.