GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — It was a mix-up that could’ve cost a Triad college student thousands of dollars or possibly led to her being kicked out on the street. 

UNC Greensboro students Jasmine Ellis and Graci Gibbs moved into The Letterman Apartments in January. The apartment complex was formerly called Block 43, located off Merritt Drive and Spring Garden Street in Greensboro. FOX8 has covered several stories about the complex, from move-in mishaps to ceiling collapses.

The sophomore students told FOX8 that the thrill of life in their first apartment turned into a nightmare. They signed a six-month lease. Graci’s mother Traci served as a co-signer on the lease. 

“This is supposed to be some of the best years of their lives. Now this has been a huge learning lesson,” Traci said.

Both tenants told FOX8 there were problems from the start like dirty conditions, foul smells and trash all across the complex.  

“I can’t wait to get out of here and go somewhere else,” Graci said. “I can like actually have people over, and it feels like a home.” 

Traci said the two paid rent every month, but then a red flag hit their inbox.  

“The dread that they have to come home to this, and then be hit with ‘you’ve not paid your rent,'” she said. “Jasmine,…is almost $3,000 behind in rent, which she is not. She’s paid every month.” 

She revealed monthly receipts of $620 rent payments to FOX8, even cross-referencing it with bank records. 

After the note from The Letterman, Jasmine was locked out of her payment portal.  

“It’s not fixed. She’s still locked out of her account,” Traci said. “She still cannot pay her rent, and rent was due three days ago.” 

Jasmine received a 10-day notice on Tuesday to either pay the money or the complex would file for eviction. 

“This affects my credit,” Traci said. “This affects her credit. This is not OK.” 

FOX8 took the complaint to The Letterman property management company, Varsity Campus. 

Director of Property Operations Clayton Hayer told FOX8 Jasmine had two different accounts at two different properties. 

The other account was at the neighboring Westvue Greensboro, formerly Block 43 Cottages, which is under the same management company, Varsity Campus. 

“The tenant had made her payments, but she made several of those payments to the wrong property. Letterman staff do not have access to other properties and had no way to know that this was occurring,” Hayer said. 

Hayer told FOX8 the problem was resolved Wednesday evening. He said it was an isolated situation, and the eviction notice was sent by an automated service. 

Both Graci and Jasmine plan to move out next month.