GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — City of Greensboro crews are working to remove lead from at least 115 homes built before 1978. 

A federal grant is funding remediation for households with a child under six years old or in homes where a pregnant woman lives. 

“Children under the age of six…they’re still developing, their brains and their systems. Lead is actually sweet to the taste…they’re very hands to mouth and sensory at that stage, and so that might encourage them to eat it more because it has a sweet taste,” said Melissa Burton, who leads the Lead-Safe Greensboro Program. 

Burton explained crews have already begun work on 55 homes, and 86 people have submitted applications for the program. 

“It’s helpful for homeowners as well as renters because, at any point in time, they can rent out to families that have children in the home. So even if they’re a tenant, we’re willing to assist, educate the landlord to let them know how to get on board for the program,” she said Thursday. 

Burton said one of the dangers is that homeowners and renters often don’t know they’re exposed to the hazard. 

“That’s why we’re doing outreach because you have things like friction impact surfaces. That’s basically anything that closes and shuts, and so as its closing or shutting frequently or people going up and down the stairs, windows opening and closing that can release lead-based paint hazard dust into the air, and you can’t see that,” she said.

Remediation of a home typically costs about $9,700 depending on the scope of the work. 

Burton said the complete process from application to remediation takes approximately six months. 

You can learn more about the program and find a link to apply here.