GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — The city of Greensboro is responding to multiple complaints from sign-making business owners who say it’s taking months to get permits when it used to take as little as one day.   

“I am ready to close my shop and move it to another town. That’s how ridiculous this is,” Scott Allen said.

Scott and Susan Allen own Signs By Tomorrow. Making good on their name has been hard lately but not for a lack of trying.  

“We call. No one answers the phone. We email. We get no response. We actually go down there in person, we are told that person is working from home. We submit an application online, and it’s immediately denied,” Susan said.

Signs by Tomorrow has been in business in Greensboro for more than 20 years. 

It’s just one of several local sign companies that want to know why the permitting process they’ve followed for decades is suddenly deadlocked.  

“We need to be able to contact someone and have an adult, professional concise conversation and just move forward,” Susan said.

FOX8 tried calling the permit office and was transferred to voicemail. 

The city did send us a statement, saying in part that while they are not immune to staffing issues, they did not see delays in electrical or building permitting, and that support is often provided within the same week.

The city also said delays can come as a result of incomplete work or submission from applicants, and that can delay the approval process.  

The city had not reached out to the Allens as of Wednesday afternoon.